How to Master Fast Growth and Radical Change

Authors: Jon Leslie & Patric Palm | Jon Leslie is an Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights. Patric Palm is CEO & Co-founder at Favro.

Favro has quickly become a favorite all-in-one app for teams at startups to unicorns to do collaborative writing, planning, and organization of work.

They all need to be as agile as possible to master the challenges of radical change that come with growing teams at a fast pace.

Great examples are Garage Beer Company that quickly adapted their business as the coronavirus hit and Unity Technologies that successfully IPO’d in September to a market capitalization of $24 billion.

30 tips and best practices to help your company make the transition to remote work and distributed teams

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Before reading, please note that all the tips and tricks in the world won’t help if your company doesn’t have a culture that supports work from home.

If you didn’t have a remote company culture before, now is the time to make the switch. It all begins with trust and accountability. These principals must become core values in order to thrive as a remote business. When any organization transitions to remote, both strengths and weaknesses of the corporate culture will be amplified. Hidden dysfunctions will be exposed and intensified to the point where they might become a…

How to create a Discord server as a gaming hub and a list of the best games to play online with colleagues

During this challenging time, when everyone is figuring out the best ways to work from home, continuing to socialize with remote colleagues is also important. In our previous guide, focused on distributed teams and best practices for remote work collaboration, we mentioned online coffee breaks (Swedish Fika) and other ways to maintain camaraderie during work hours. But what about replacing the all-important after-work get togethers? …

In an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, remote work and distributed teams just make sense.

Not all companies can work remotely and distributed, but most can work at least partly distributed. If your company hasn't done so already, it’s time to head in that direction. Even before the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, remote work has been consistently on the rise. In the US alone remote work has increased a dramatic 159% over the past 12 years.

With rapid technology advances and the need to continuously adapt to change caused by a world that has become exponentially more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VACU), the trend towards remote work and distributed teams is only going to…

Run any Organization in Favro

Photo by langshoots on Unsplash

There has been a single unifying constant in every one of the hundreds of organizations I’ve visited around the world: too many software tools and applications. Think about it. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you probably have a multitude of different products to help run your company. Even with integrations, the more tools you add, the more time you end up wasting on switching between them to get stuff done. …

See Who’s Idle, Who’s Overwhelmed and Who’s Just Right — Now and Looking Ahead

Struggling to understand who’s currently busy and who isn’t? Need to determine if you have the right people and skills for projects looking into the future? From Project Managers to self-managed teams, these challenges can be solved with Favro utilization boards. While Favro reports and dashboard collections can help with getting a holistic view of team allocation, the best way to visualize and manage people (formerly known as resources) utilization in Favro is with a dedicated product team, teams-of-teams, or even company-wide utilization board.

One Board to View Them All

Cards in Favro, which represent tasks or deliverables, can exist in multiple places. If you need…

Create Your Own “Spotify Model” in an Infinitely Flexible App

Agile transformations in most organizations begin with the teams that create value. It could be teams developing software, teams creating marketing campaigns, or any team building a product or service. Of course, this is also true for agile startups. As they grow beyond what’s essentially a cross-functional team of ten, they want to replicate what’s worked for a single team and expand to teams of teams without losing the core culture. If the overall goal is to build an organization around autonomous and aligned teams, based on a culture of trust, then the Spotify Model is ideal.

The Reluctant “Framework”

It started in…

How to Implement the Scaled Agile Framework in a Single Non-Prescriptive App — No Plugins Required

As a SAFe® Program Consultant over the past four years, I’ve seen SAFe implemented using a variety of tools. Some of them are designed with SAFe as the inspiration for their core design, and others use a plethora of plugins and workarounds to jerry-rig a SAFe implementation. The former are rigid and enforce a precise way of working, allowing no room for flexibility or hybrids. The latter typically confuse and make it much less likely to succeed with the framework.

Considering that one of SAFe’s principles is to assume variability, it makes sense to couple a SAFe transformation with an…

How to Run a Game Studio in a Single App

The games industry is a $138 billion market as of 2018 and expected to grow to $180 billion in 2021. By far the largest chunk of that revenue comes from the content. As seen in the below chart, game content revenue grew over 23% from 2017 to 2018 to $35.8 billion in the US alone.

Combine the Best of Both Scrum and Kanban in a Single App

Scrum and Kanban are the two most common frameworks for implementing an agile way of working. They’re two of the best ways to foster the agile mindset and realize tangible benefits from the Agile Manifesto’s values and principles. If agile is the soul, then Scrum and Kanban are the body.

Scrum is ideal for taking complex, uncertain ideas and empowering cross-functional teams to turn them into reality. It’s iterative, empirical inspect and adapt cycle lends itself to innovative product teams creating something new in the world. …

Jon Leslie

Broad Cove Insights ⭐️ Favro Agile Partner ⭐️ Making the world happier and more productive with agile techniques and tools

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